Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Since childhood, the Lord has been a part of my life. Although my family did not attend church regularly, God and His values were instilled in my daily life from an early age. Talking to God was normal for me but not until later in life did I realize how precious that ‘normal’ was. Because God has called me to be a Holy Spirt-filled follower of Christ, I earnestly seek to follow His example of living in the Kingdom–now!

Fast forward to 2013:

A vision from the Lord in 2013 led to the formation of Glory Magazine, and the first sample issue was released in late 2014. In hazy sunlight shining through the dining room window, the word “glory” appeared and a few weeks later, in my Spirit, the words “Feed My Children,” came. From that day the magazine was conceived and strives to bring glory to the kingdom of God here on Earth and showcase His works through those in West Virginia and beyond on its pages.

In keeping with that command, which we don’t take lightly, the GloryTyme blog was created. A Holy Spirit-filled blog dedicated to glorifying God through writings, encouraging words, and prophetic revelation, all directed by our heavenly Father.

My passion is Jesus, my heart is the Lord’s, and my husband is just fine with that!

My hope is that when you stop by the blogs, you will feel His presence and seek His face throughout your life so that He may reveal Himself to you in a more personal way–all to His glory!

Blessings and Honor,
Angela Errett, Editor
Glory Magazine