Color Me Clearly


Color, or the lack thereof, is significant in picking out a diamond–that is if you want it to really sparkle. Some people may prefer yellow or another color of a diamond, all of which are beautiful in their own right. Color within a diamond, though beautiful, shields it from reaching the full shine that a clear and colorless diamond has. Think of it this way, those “rose-colored glasses” or cool yellow shades distort the light when you look through them and cannot reflect a pure light into your eyes. The shine now has a tint applied to it.

Let’s explore this by saying the color of the diamond is a veil created by your mind. Any light that it reflects goes through that veil, or filter, and will take on a hue or the attributes of your thought life and life experiences. Since the time of the fall of man, sin has been present in the mind of every man but, after you have accepted Jesus Christ and are born again, you are enabled to see beyond the veil and now have the opportunity to repent. Repent doesn’t mean going to the altar and saying you’re sorry, it means changing your thoughts from a sin nature to a righteous nature. God’s gift of Grace provides the ability to change the way you think, the way you behave and reflect the light God placed in you instead of being held a prisoner of a stinky mindset. Here’s an example: if your thoughts are consistently hateful or sad, you will not be able to reflect the light that really exists in you. How we choose to think about our situations and seasons in life fully manifests in the natural and you will either project a dull shine with a hue of your own thoughts or reflect the light of God. When you try to shine brightly for your own glory, you will be found out but, when true freedom has come upon you, the world will recognize you are different from other people. You don’t do things the same way–you are peculiar–you in essences shine brighter.

No one is perfect, and we will all have days where we struggle with our thoughts. We can’t always control what enters our mind, but we can cast out those thoughts that do not line up with the word of God. ‘It is written,’ is a powerful tool in overcoming bad thoughts because God’s word does not return void! When you are having thoughts that don’t line up with the Bible, seek out the scriptures that tell the truth of the matter. You might be worrying about a loved one, but what does the Bible say about worry? Or maybe, someone tells you that you are no good or they misrepresent you, so what do you do? Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you, to help you in that situation, and go to the Word. Put God first in everything. Find what it says about forgiveness and loving your brother. God wants us to get to a place where our thoughts are clearly on Him. He knows we all start as diamonds in the rough. However we must wrap our minds around the fact that those who believe are living in a world of sin that has been defeated! He has given us the power of His words. Those words have already overcome the veil of sin, but we are still working it out of our minds.

Everyone is at a different point in their journey and that journey is taking them from a rough stone to a polished jewel. Some are just being uncovered from the dirt. Some are being cleaned. Some are in the Master Jewelers hand being cleaved at their weakest point or sawed to determine the best area of stone to work on. Others are in the bruiting or cutting phase where the Master Jeweler uses the hardness of another diamond to shape the one He is working on. Still, others are under a polishing wheel to smooth out the rough edges and improve their shine. Each diamond is unique, and the Master Jeweler purposefully and carefully proceeds from one cut to another and from one stage to the next. You can’t know how large or how small, how many facets, or what cut, oval, pear, or emerald, etc., a rough stone will become because that is the creative responsibility of the one shaping the jewel–The Master Jeweler.

So, be diligent to seek Him first in all situations, know that your brother or sister in Christ is in the Master Jeweler’s hand, and He alone determines the finished results. Now let’s all go out and shine brightly in this dark world for His glory!


Blessings and honor,




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