In Spirit

Pray To Me For Clarity

The following is the word the Lord gave on March 13, 2017.

Pray To Me For Clarity

Pray to Me for clarity in all things. I will provide. Jesus was My son whom I sent forth to bring the Kingdom to the earth. Many have come in My name but have never spoken of my Kingdom. The time is now for all effort to be manifested towards My Kingdom, which He left here on earth for all to partake of if they choose. Not one who calls My name will be left behind but those who do not know of My Kingdom will lose their life as they know it. Those under My care shall feel empowered soon with a gust of My koinonia* from Heaven above. Miracles are the sign of My presence; My Kingdoms presence. Many will come only to be healed but will not accept Me fully. Others will walk the other way. I do not harm My people, I correct them in order to prevent their destruction and complete My purpose. Be willing to stand alone–for you are not alone–I AM WITH YOU! Preach Me and My ways. Show them I can do all things but must wait on my servants to choose to do my instructions. You can no longer be bound by chains of disobedience.

My people will hear My voice. Stop thinking that you won’t! If a father calls his son on the playground, only his child looks up! You are sown with the chaff but I will shake you out at the time of My choosing. Be strong in faith in who I am. Windows of Heaven are opening. Wake in the mornings with renewed strength, joy, and peace. Amen.

Blessing and Honor,




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