In Spirit

The Chalice

Word Received 12/15/20

Bring Me My Chalice

“Bring Me My chalice. I will bring you My Wine. Purge your worldly ways and allow the presence of My Spirit to fill you to overflow. My ways are not known to man. I seek a better way for you and have fulfilled it.

“You make a way by My hand alone. Let Me lead you to the unknown. Open your hearts to My brilliance, and I will bring you to the land promised to your fathers.

“Take heed of My prophets, for they will lead you by their revealing of My light to them. My knowledge never placed on earth. Never spoken by man. My sheep will hear the uttering and follow. They will rejoice, knowing the One True God will reveal Himself in Love and Light.

“Take no pleasure in the demise of your enemy, for I will avenge justice upon the heads of those who choose the wide path.

“Bring Me your Chalice to fill to overflow, this day, and forever. I bring only hope and life to those who know Me; those who have chosen Me, by My hand, to keep as the remnant for the world, to have a chance to believe before the end comes. Take today as a gift for you truly do not know if tomorrow will remain.

“Believe My prophets, for the sake of My Church, to bring to The Storehouse all that is Mine on this earth. My Kingdom will reign forever and ever.


Blessing and Honor,

Angela Errett

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