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The Just Will Reign

Word Received September 17, 2021

The just will reign. All under My authority will become My property in the coming days. I claim My rights as the Land Owner and no one can come between Me and My Property. Allow My Spirit to fill the vessels of My choosing and I will refresh those who are planted by the stream of Living Water! Be filled with My presence and see the Glory of God. Here ye My People, I come in the clouds! Do not fear–I am with you. Have no doubt of My strength and power. I come carrying the Word of the Sword of God to reclaim My Bride. A Bride I chose–not Man. 

Hear Me Now! Only those who know Me will hear Me. I bring Heaven and earth full circle and My will be done. Seek Me. Seek My face. Know I am God!

I call forth those who chose before the foundation of Earth, the flesh, to be at My side for the coming Day of the Lord. Rejoice! I come!

Bring me My tithe. I bring you My Joy!

Rejoice! Again, I say Rejoice in the Lord!

Be not doers of the Word only, but be hearers of THE WORD.

Hear My trumpets sound and follow Me to Paradise!

You are not alone. Your help comes from the Lord.

Be ready–at a moments notice I will call My ecclesia and prepare the way of The Lord. 

Hold fast for I come in a twinkling of an eye and shall join you in Paradise.

The Throne Room has been emptied and a place has been made for the Houses of God.

Share this message of hope for Hope is here and asking for His people to trust In Him ALONE–For He was Perfect from the beginning and will not fail! 

Hold fast and prepare the way for the Lord.


Blessing and Honor,

Angela Errett