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The Kingdom of Man Must Fall

A Dream About Queen Elizabeth

November 27, 2020

Queen Elizabeth is standing in front of a government building, her home, Buckingham Palace. I mean no disrespect as I write this. I only wish to paint a picture of what I saw and give you the information I was given.

The queen is standing on the sidewalk facing Buckingham Palace. I was standing right in front of her and looked past her at the trees lining The Mall. She is dressed in white, reminding me of the Wonka Vision scene in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” where Mike sends himself through the television. All the Oompa Loompas are dressed in white. However, the queen is wearing a very white tailcoat and adorned with the crown jewels. She sparkles with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. As she stands there, she looks weary, and I believe the reference I got to the Oompa Loompas is to emphasize how small she is in stature and how small the kingdom of man is compared to the Kingdom of God.

To her right, sitting on the sidewalk, I notice there is a large white pitcher about the same size as the queen. At my first glance at the pitcher, I see the water is at the top of the rim but not overflowing. I blink my eyes and look back to the pitcher. It is now half full. I remember thinking to myself in the dream, did it get poured out, or did it evaporate? The queen looks at me, then the pitcher, back and forth, and I wake up.

This is what was given to me.

The united kingdom of man on earth must fall, so the United Kingdom of God will prevail. The spirit has left the united kingdom of man.

Queen Coronation

The queen was coronated 67 years ago on Tuesday, June 2, 1953. She ascended to power after the death of her father, King George VI, died on February 6, 1952 and was not coronated until 16 months later. It will be the 70th year of her reign in 2022.

If you have never watched her coronation, you can view it here. It is fascinating how each element brings the government and the Church together. Watch below (5:40 mark and finish with the part 2 video below) to hear what the elements symbolize. Read them carefully, for they will be again one day, under the Kingdom of God.

PART ONE: Video ©British Pathé

The Coronation at Westminster Abbey

Order of the Coronation

She receives the Holy Bible as the most valuable thing this world affords
She is divested of her robe and jewels of state and is clothed in a simple white robe

  • She receives the Holy Bible as the most valuable thing this world affords
  • She is divested (to remove her power, her rights, her possessions) of her robe, literally and figuratively, and jewels of state and is clothed in a simple white robe

The Anointing Ceremony

  • She moves to the place of authority, King George’s Chair
  • Four Knights hold a canopy of silk and gold over her
  • With Holy Oil, the Archbishop of Canterbury anoints her with the sign of the Cross under the canopy
  • She now receives the emblems of majesty
    • A gown of pure gold
    • The jeweled sword of state 
      • For the punishment of evildoers
      • For the protection of the law-abiding
  • The queen moves to the altar to place the sword in the hands of the Archbishop. This signified the Crown puts the authority of the sword of state at the disposal of the Church
  • She receives two amulets to represent the bond that unites her with her people
  • They place the Royal Robe (the mantle) on her saying, “The Lord clothe you with the robe of righteousness, and with the garments of salvation.”
  • She receives the Orb of Gold
    • Signifying the dominion of the Cross over the world
  • She receives a glove on the right hand, symbolizing gentleness in levying taxes
  • She receives the royal scepter
    • Representing kingly power and justice
  • She receives the rod with the dove
    • Signifying that equity and mercy are never to be forgotten
  • Finally, the Archbishop places the Royal Crown on her head, declaring the combined power of Church and State

PART TWO: ©British Pathé

Blessing and Honor,

Angela Errett

(This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Queen Elizabeth was not coronated until 16 months after the death of her father, making 2022 her Jubilee Year–seventy years of reign.)