The Master Jeweler


Diamond–a word that brings to mind a sparkling piece of jewelry. Diamonds can be purple, yellow, orange, red, green, black, brown, blue, gray or even pink, but oh, how a colorless white diamond will shine! You see a transparent diamond is free of impurities that can tint its shine. All they can do is reflect the light they receive!

Before a diamond can shine, it first must go through a complicated process. A diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man and is said to be formed deep in the Earth’s mantle, growing over billions of years. It takes eons for the carbon atoms to fuse together and form into crystals. It lays below the surface under extreme pressure and heat and waits for its time to shine. The rough stone must be uncovered and freed from it’s resting place underneath the soil, dirt, and rock before its real beauty can be revealed.

When a diamond is cut, it changes from a rough stone into a multi-faceted gem. This process takes a very skilled diamond cutter, a master jeweler. He is trained in specialized techniques and uses specialized tools to perform the arduous task of making the most use out of the stone while analyzing the best way to cut the facets. The master jeweler is focused on getting the best cut and quality out of the rough piece of rock.

The 4 C’s

Diamonds are graded on the following: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The best diamonds, the ones that reflect the most light, are colorless although they might not be the most expensive. The rarest diamonds are blue diamonds and are remarkably costly because they are so limited. The best clarity for a diamond is flawless where it has no visible imperfections. The cut, well it is all personal preference. Brilliant-cut diamonds like an oval, pear, or marquise hide imperfections but an emerald cut diamond that has more surface area that is not cut will show flaws more easily. Then there is weight. The weight is determined by how much of the stone the master jeweler is able to retain. The more of the stone he can use, the more valuable it becomes All four of the grades are vital to making the best diamond out of what the jeweler has to work with.
God is the Master Jeweler!

Each one of us starts out as a buried, rough, unpolished, facet-less stone, waiting to shine. We must be uncovered through the salvation offered by Jesus Christ and begin the process. Our journeys all start with rough edges that need to be worn down and cut into facets before they can be polished. The Master Jeweler knows precisely where to begin the first cut and has such great patience before continuing with the next cut, and the next one after that. He plans each pass under His watchful eye, making sure to maximize the full potential of the stone in His care. He will not trim what does not need to go but has no fear of removing what is unnecessary. He is the author of creating flawless gems that reflect the light He shines on them and therefore reflects His kingdom on earth. Though we may see imperfections, He only sees His finished work in us!


Blessings and honor,




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