Dreams & Visions

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be Two Christmases!

Yes! I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but there will be two Christmases! Stay with me here. This dream was one where I woke up joyful and full of wonder of how this could be. God’s ways are definitely not anything that we can ever conceive of. He can reveal things to us through the Holy Spirit, yet they are still mysteries most of the time that we must seek out. On occasion, we receive information that we know within our being will come to pass; we just don’t see the path, right? If we did, what faith would be in that? Well, I have faith that there will be two Christmases in 2020!

Not Your Average Star

Dream 5/21/20

So, this one began in a Dollar General store. (New one for me, LOL.) As a young girl, my go-to heartthrob was Rick Springfield. I know some ladies can relate. Anyway, as I enter the automatic doors and step inside, I see him off to the left near the check-out lane. We made eye contact–hearts aflutter! When you are surprised by someone you admire, there is an instant reaction that makes your heart race, and you can begin to feel faint. Some would call it being “star-struck.” And that’s precisely what happened to me in this dream. As we looked at each other, we both graciously smiled. Then I looked down and walked on into the store.

After collecting my thoughts, I moved through the discount aisle, pretending to shop and trying to get over to where he was. He was now at the check-out. I maneuvered over to get in line, and there were two people in front of me. Just as I got into place, he whisked out the door and was gone. I was disappointed I didn’t get to speak with him, but then I was distracted, realizing that they were putting out Christmas decorations all over the store. I thought, “That’s odd; we already had Christmas.”

As I woke, a knowing rose up in me, and I wrote this down, “We are going to have TWO CHRISTMASES THIS YEAR!

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

As I said before, we are given insight into small portions of the plan and must have faith for the events to unfold and line up with what is offered. This year, as a child of God, celebrate Thanksgiving joyfully with family and friends, and gather together as much as possible. Make a special effort to reach out to those in need, especially the older generations. Honor them. Make sure to smile at every child you see, and reinforce hope that better days WILL come. 

And I am choosing to believe.

Yes, Virginia, someway, somehow, we will have two Christmases this year!

Blessing and honor,

Angela Errett