You Don’t Know Me

You don’t know me.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I enjoy laughing at silly jokes. I enjoy getting an unexpected phone call from an old friend. I enjoy my dog as he runs towards me when I come home. I enjoy the array of colors displayed by the trees during fall. I enjoy crisp evenings when the stars are shining brightly. I enjoy the smell of the woods on a long walk. I enjoy high school football games, sweatshirts, and bonfires. I enjoy when the days grow shorter. I enjoy the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. I enjoy watching the squirrel in the backyard trying to put away nuts for the season. I enjoy when the first snow gently falls covering the ground. I enjoy hot cocoa after a day of sledding. I enjoy the holidays and the cheer they bring. I enjoy the opportunity to start fresh each year. I enjoy eating pizza just because. I enjoy when the days grow longer. I enjoy when the first ducks quack after returning from their winter home. I enjoy the spring birds chirping on a chilly spring morning. I enjoy the smell of the first spring flowers. I enjoy going fishing in my favorite secret spot. I enjoy going on long Sunday drives. I enjoy how the sun feels on my face. I enjoy the smell of asphalt after a warm summer rain shower. I enjoy getting up early to see the sunrise. I enjoy going on vacation. I enjoy the coo of a newborn baby. I enjoy the lightning during a rainstorm. I enjoy a campfire and eating s’mores. I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee and being lazy on the weekends. I enjoy life.


But you don’t know me.


Some will see my hair is messed up or it’s too perfect. Some will see my clothes are from a box store or off a Paris runway. Some will see I drive a Mercedes or an old pickup. Some will see I live in a mansion, others a trailer. Some will see I’m young and some will see I’m old. Some will see I went to college and some will see I only graduated high school. Some will see I’m cool under pressure and some will see me hot under the collar. Some will see me help others and some will see me cut them off in traffic. Some will see me as approachable, and some will see me as distant. Some will call me kind and some will call me an enemy. Some will see me do the right thing and some will say it’s wrong. Some will see me as loud, and some will see me as happy. Some will see me as sad, and some will see me as serious. Some will see me work hard and some will only see the success. Some will see me as a means to an end, and others will see me as a friend.


But you don’t know me. I could be a man or a woman. I could be twenty or I could be sixty. I could be black, white, yellow, brown, or purple, but you don’t know me.


We are a collection of our experiences, on the cellular as well as the physical level, and of what we have been taught. As a child, you don’t have a choice on your station in life, but there comes a time as an adult when you have to decide who you are and where your future lies. Imagination, learning, and planning is the key to moving into alignment with your destiny. What the Kingdom of God does is strips away our perceived culture and establishes a way of life that can never be divided because no other culture is higher on this earth.

Without knowing what is in a person’s heart…you don’t know them…you only see a moment in time on their journey. You cannot see their full potential to be an entrepreneur, a millionaire, a loving mother or father, or the best darn teacher in the world! Only God can see inside a person. We are to live by the golden rule and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We are to live in truth and love by the principles established by God and use discernment when dealing with others who do not believe. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves, never forget who we are in Christ, and occupy until He returns.

You don’t know me. Do you know you?


This article was written from an ‘inside the Church’ perspective.



Blessings and honor,






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